About CILG

The Chartered Institute of Leadership and Governance is a professional body established in New Mexico USA, with the mission to build and implement Leadership and Governance skills in the administration of duties. The institute has capabilities in bringing about educational and professional development in leadership and governance skills through programs that are aimed at preparing and providing individuals with adequate and effective skills to provide a solution to everyday leadership and governance problems.


  • You will gain recognition within the industry which includes the use of our post-nominal letters ACILG, MCILG and FCILG based on your membership level.
  • You will be added to a global network of professionals from different countries. There is a saying that ‘your network determines your net worth’.
  • When you join CILG you have the exposure by meeting another professional from different forms of professional background and get to relate and share knowledge
  • Discounts for Annual Conferences and other CILG events. As a member, you are always given discounts on seminar fees. This includes both local seminars and international seminars
  • A wide range of publications. Your write-ups and articles will be exposed to the outside world with our leadership magazine called “The Leadership Magazine” on a monthly bases. This is another form of exposure to the world, through this your social life will be enhanced and recognized globally for your input to development and leadership.


  • CILG increase your leadership abilities.
    CILG Forum can be a source of nourishment.
  • CILG community helps you to connect with like minded people.
  • CILG community increase your platform.
  • CILG community enables you to know the critical emerging trends for leaders to reckon with.
  • CILG your visa round the globe.

send your Profile/CV for membership letter to info@cilgnigeria.org
+2348033542772. www.cilgnigeria.org.