About The Programme

The CILG Diploma in Leadership and Governance program is a BTEC Level 5 qualification that will equip the candidates with the analytic tools necessary for success. Candidates will learn how to assess public problems, develop creative solutions, and implement ideas. Our program will teach you how to formulate answers that are efficient, equitable, and feasible.

CILG has a long-standing commitment to social change, diversity, and inclusion. We will expose you to a diverse set of real-world issues and the experienced professionals working on these challenges. Through visiting speakers, fieldwork, and internship opportunities, you will benefit from our strong ties to the local community. You will graduate from our program with solid experience and the interpersonal and political acumen needed to navigate effectively in the public, nonprofit, and private sectors.

Objectives of the Course

1 To prepare students as future leaders by equipping them with requisite knowledge and skills designed to enhance responsible leadership and governance.

2 To gain access to frameworks and knowledge designed to assist in unpacking complex governance and leadership problems

3 Explore emerging global issues that affect governance and leadership.

4 Understand the challenges of democratic processes in Africa.

5 Gain greater understanding of the dynamic interplay between International, national, state and local governments.

6 To be able to apply concept of governance and leadership in the different areas of society.

Course Content

  • Social Change Theories and Practice
  • Gender and leadership
  • Civic Empowerment
  • Conflict and peace-building
  • Global Citizenship
  • Political Economy
  • Comparative Studies in Democratic governance
  • Development Economics
  • Public Policy and Analysis
  • Decentralization and public Participation
  • Constitutionalism
  • Culture and Development
  • Theories and practice in Leadership
  • Values, Ethics and integrity
  • Strategic Management in leadership
  • Seminar in leadership and Governance
  • Research Methodology
  • Research Report
  • Work placement Report


To be awarded the Diploma, candidates will need to achieve an overall score of 65% and not less than 50% in each of the modules.

Candidates achieving an aggregate score of 75%, having passed all modules at 50% or higher, will be awarded a Diploma with Distinction

Candidates will be eligible for a compensatory pass provided they have only one module in the range 40-49%.

The exam is ‘closed book’, which means that printed reference materials and dictionaries cannot be taken into the examination room.

Target Group and Entry Requirements

Holders of any first degree or equivalent in any discipline with the minimum 3 years experience or pass with 5 years experience. Practitioners, managers, and staff from the civil society, government, and private sector are encouraged to apply.

Time frame

The duration of the programme is 2 years. There are 3 Semesters of face to face interaction each lasting 6 weeks and a final semester of 1 week.

Dual Degree Progression:

Upon Successful Completion of the course, Candidates can apply for a dual MPA with any of our Affiliated Universities. Contact us for further enquries