Indicators Of A Governance by Dr. Segun Ojarotade FCILG.

World Bank defined good governance with six indicators and based on these indicators evaluated good governance status during 1996-2006 every two years in different countries and since 2002 annually. These indicators include: (Kaufman, Karry & Mastruzzi, 2006)

1.Effectiveness and efficiency: Good governance means that processes and institutions act in line with the community needs and make the best use of their resources. This means the proper use of natural resources for sustainable development and also the environment preserve and not only the technical meaning is considered (World Bank, 1994) Here, the use of technical skills and bureaucracy efficiency are important. Government revenue is from taxes and other government’s revenues, national political innovation implementation, timely annual budget and solve domestic problems are evaluated.

2.Inclusion and equality: Health and welfare are achieved in a community when all members have a sense of belonging to the community, understand and affect the development, this is achieved only by creating a proper opportunity for vulnerable groups to improve living conditions and welfare (UN Habitat, 2006).

3.Political stability and absence of violence: The index examines continuity of political life of political system over time, internal and external stress, changing leadership, political consistency and lack of violence provide a proper environment for economic growth. Political consistency is obtained when equality and justice are dominant, strong and cultural contradictions are reduced and political protests and social unrest are minimized as possible. Leadership should be changed through peaceful and legal measures.

4.Rule of law: a fair legal framework is a requirement of good governance. Supporting the rights of individuals and various minorities is imperative, hence, the inevitable need for a fair and independent justice system accompanied by an incorruptible executive force.

5. Quality of regulation: Rules and regulations are required for success in the field of development, and economic and political reforms for a good governor. Work rules, financial, tax, commerce and trade should be consistent with economic activities growth.

6.Control of Corruption: There are many factors in this regard. The level of corruption in the country is using power to benefit friends, family and relatives, expand bureaucracy for its misuse, payments made to influence legislation process, the use of public resources by government officials and personnel, eroded trust in the performance of government officials, illegal payments and monopolies to the detriment of other businesses is what good governance endeavors to reduce or eliminate. UN economic and social commission in Asia

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