Rolling Admissions

Admissions into our professional certification programs are ongoing. You can apply for our Pre-Licensing levels or licensing levels by clicking on the tabs below

Pre-Licensing Program

There are 4 levels under this category; Level 1 – Prof. Diploma, Level 2 – Prof. Advanced Diploma, Level 3 – Prof. Graduate Diploma, Level 4 – Prof. Post Graduate Diploma.

Duration: Minimum of 12 weeks per level

Program: Leadership and Governance


1.    Project Management

2.   Financial Management

3.    Facility Management

4.    Contract Management

5.    Operations Management

6.    Production Management

7.    Purchasing & Supply Management

8.    Information Technology Management

9.    Logistic Management

10.    Transport Management

11.    Risk Management

12.    Fraud Management

13.    Marketing Management

14.    Human Resource Management

15.    Quality Control Management

16.    Strategic Management

17.     Health Care Management

18.    Engineering Management

19.     Customer Management

20.    Education Management

Requirements for Pre-licensing Programs: WASSCE, HND, Bachelors Degree, Masters Degree

Classes: Regular & Weekend

Mode of Delivery: Classroom, Online and Blended

Licensing Program

There are two levels in this category. They are; Chartered Professionals and Chartered Managers

Duration: Minimum of 44 weeks per level

Program: Leadership and Governance (CLGP)


1.    Certified Project Management Professional (CPMP)

2.    Certified Facility Management Professional (CFMP)

3.    Certified Contract Management Professional (CCMF)

4.    Chartered Financial Management Professional (CFMP)

5.    Chartered Operations Management Professional (COMP)

6.    Chartered Production Management Professional (CPMP)

7.    Chartered Purchasing & Supply Management Professional (CPSMP)

8.    Chartered Information Technology Management Professional (CITMP)

9.    Chartered Logistic Management Professional (CLMP)

10.    Chartered Transport Management Professional (CTMP)

11.    Chartered Risk Management Professional (CRMP)

12.    Chartered Fraud Management Professional (CFMP)

13.    Chartered Marketing Management Professional (CMMP)

14.    Chartered Human Resource Management Professional (CHRMP)

15.    Chartered Quality Control Management Professional (CQCMP)

16.    Chartered Strategic Management Professional (CSMP)

17.    Chartered Health Care Management Professional (CHCMP)

18.    Chartered Engineering Management Professional (CEMP)

19.    Chartered Customer Management Professional (CCSMP)

20.    Chartered Education Management Professional (CEMP)

Requirements for Chartered Professionals Programs: Prof. Post Graduate Diploma, Masters Degree

Classes: Regular & Weekend
Mode of Delivery: Classroom, Online and Blended

1.    Chartered Financial Manager (CFMgr)

2.    Chartered Operations Manager (COMgr)

3.    Chartered Production Manager (CPMgr)

4.    Chartered Purchasing & Supply Manager (CPMgr)

5.    Chartered Information Technology Manager (CITMgr)

6.    Chartered Logistic Manager (CLMgr)

7.    Chartered Transport Manager (CTMgr)

8.    Chartered Project Manager (CPMgr)

9.    Chartered Risk Manager (CRMgr)

10.    Chartered Sales Manager (CSMgr)

11.    Chartered Fraud Manager (CFMgr)

12.    Chartered Business Manager (CBMgr)

13.    Chartered Cost Manager (CCMgr)

14.    Chartered Marketing Manager (CMMgr)

15.    Chartered Human Recourses Manager (CHRMgr)

16.    Chartered Certified Strategic Manager (CS Mgr)

17.    Chartered Health Care Manager (CHCMgr)

18.    Chartered Engineering Manager (CEMgr)

19.    Chartered Customer Service Manager (CCSMgr)

20.    Chartered Education Manager (CEMgr)

Requirements for Chartered Managers Programs: Chartered Professional Certificate

Classes: Regular & Weekend
Mode of Delivery: Classroom, Online and Blended