Vulnerability In Leadership Position

Vulnerability is the emotion that we experience during times of uncertainty, risk and emotional exposure; and business leaders are no exception to this. In fact, COVID-19 acted as the litmus test even for those who had strongly stood the test of time in the history of economics.

Those leaders who had the courage to show up, fully engage and be seen when the outcome wasn’t under control have led their organisations hale and hearty out of the triple crisis. They earned an unrivalled commitment and solidarity from their associates, with everyone bringing their best to the table so that things won’t fall apart. The tension was equally distributed and transparency paid off. The challenges that sprouted in the workplace due to the global upheaval could be nipped in the bud before they blew out of proportion because everyone had each other’s back. No employee in the organisation felt left out because the leaders made everyone feel important to the overall survival of the organisation. It clearly demonstrates that if manoeuvred in the right direction, the vulnerability can do wonders for the business, which we haven’t ever better realised than while sailing through the current pandemic.

It would be fair to state that demystifying the air of ferocity that is known to be associated with leadership positions brings coherence in the organisation as leaders tend to be honest and open to getting the ideas and resources they need for the success of the company, creating a win-win atmosphere.

In this webinar, we’ll throw light on what vulnerability is and what it is not, in the bargain, equipping ourselves with practical ways to embrace vulnerability in a manner that it adds value to our character as a leader and more specifically, to those around us.

Join Dr Supriyal Sharma an Italian Leadership Coach on 14th July 2020.On zoom webinar by 11: 30am.