Chartered Institute of Leadership and Governance Nigeria chapter believes that Nigeria doesn’t need charity it only needs good leadership and institutional reform . The application is open to leaders of integrity in every facet of live the procedure follow thus:

STEP 1: Download the application form online and complete the form, attach your passport and cv and detail profile. Kindly make a payment of #5,000 into the Bank for application processing. Send the complete profile along with the form to for processing.

The application process for CILG Nigeria chapter membership takes at least one week because it must pass through the head in New Mexico USA ( for approval before a letter can be issued to the member.

STEP 2: Study the letter received via your Email to proceed for Membership payment and induction fee within the date stipulated in the letter, depending on the categories admitted into.


Honorary Fellow: #

FCILG: #100,000

MCILG: #70,000

ACILG: #40,000

GCILG: #25,000

Induction fees for Graduate and Associate are #5000.

 While induction fees for Full Member and Fellow are #10,000 .

Bank: Access Diamond Bank

Account Number:    0103686140.