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Why Join CILG Nigeria

As a member of CILG, you will gain recognition within the industry which includes the use of our post nominal letters ACILG, MCILG and FCILG based on your membership. You are allowed these post nominals which indicate to the general public and also recruiters that you are a member of a professional body of which you are guided by their code of conduct and for that matter you stand out tall out of the rest.
You will be added to a global network of professionals from different countries. There is a saying that ‘your network determines your net worth’. When you join CILG you have the exposure by meeting other professional from different forms of professional background and get to relate and share knowledge.
Discounts for Annual Conferences and other CILG events. As a member, you are always given discounts on seminar fees. This includes both local seminars and international seminars as well as discount on seminars organised by partners of CILG such us Chartered Institute of Management and Leadership.
A wide range of publications. Your write ups and articles will be exposed to the outside world with our leadership magazine called “The Leadership Mirror” on quarterly bases. This is another form of exposure to the world, through this your social life will be enhance and recognized globally for your input to development and leadership.
Eligibility to be elected or appointed to Council and other CILG roles. As a member in good standing, you are also eligible to be elected to any roles by CILG Global including being elected or appointed to join CILG Global Council in the U.S.A.
Eligibility to be elected for CILG personality of the Month. It’s a monthly award given to members who are in one way or the other contributed immensely to the achievement and vision of their institution and also exhibited good leadership skills at work. You will be published globally to the world about your achievement and profile.
Eligibility to be elected for CILG Nigeria chapter annual award (Heroes of Leadership Award). This award is organized yearly where a member is awarded throughout the year in the discharge of his/her duties and for their conduct exhibited at work place and their contribution to growth of their organization in which they work. They are nominated by the council for consideration and given an Honourary Doctorate in Leadership and Governance.

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