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Leadership Surveillance Form (LSF)


The Chartered Institute of Leadership and Governance is a professional body established under the law of the State of New Mexico, United States of America, to build and implement Leadership and Governance skills in the administration of duties.

CILG is an approach to prepare and equip individuals with ideas and innovations geared towards the proper and effective handling of societal values and problems through the teaching of administrative skills and leadership cues.

The Institute has capabilities in bringing about educational and Professional development in Leadership and Governance skills through programmes that are aimed at preparing and providing leaders with adequate and effective skills to provide solution to everyday Leadership and Governance problems

A leader displays emotional and intellectual sincerity when confirmed with real-life challenges.

The passion for special performance and exceptional charismatic responsible sets the leader apart (Jack welch and Harry Truman)

Please attempt all questions and complete statements given here.


Kindly provide honest response and reactions that are strictly your Point of View in the following LSF form below:

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