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Our Philosophy

Our Vision, Mission & Objectives

Chartered Institute of Leadership and Governance – Nigeria has the following principles which shapes our attitude and gives us directions to follow.

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Our Vision Our Mission Objectives
To be the best reference nationally and internationally in the production and motivation of committed and sincere leaders in different sectors and spheres of life.

Networks of our affiliates spreads all over the world in order to provide a good grip in the Global Human Resource.

To train, certify and recognize people for Leadership in private and public efforts;
educate participants and members through syndicated modules that allow knowledge sharing and learning as well as identifying with leaders in local day to day lives of communities and organizations.
To provide capacity building in the areas of leadership, governance and public-policies relevant for public life and good governance.
  • To conduct individual or collaborative research relating to leadership, governance studies and other public policies.
  • To organize pro-academic programs (seminars, workshops & colloquia etc.) with scholars and indisputable-leaders for sharing of ideas and learning.
  • To collaborate with institutions and industry-players for Learning & mentorship in leadership and governance.
  • Recognize Leaders by identifying with them through Symbolic Awards (Honorary Fellowship Awards) and Recommendations.

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